Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment program is 90 days. The primary focus of the first 30 days of treatment is the resident's recovery/treatment plan. Treatment plans are individualized and are reviewed and modified throughout treatment. After the first 30 days have passed we continue working with the client to achieve the goals laid out in the treatment plan, but also assist the client in utilizing other community resources.
Completing the entire 90-day program is integral to the client's continued success in recovery. The last 60 days are focused on utilizing coping skills learned in treatment in everyday life. Emphasis is on employment, participating in community and family related programs, and discovering healthy ways to have fun in recovery.
For the first 30 days of the program the client is focused fulltime on treatment and recovery. Throughout this first phase of the program, residents follow strict restrictions laid out by their counselor. These restrictions include limitations on phone calls, visitors, and leaving the facility. These privileges are earned as progress is made within the individual's treatment plan. After completing the first 30 days the client will return to work, if they are already employed, or begin the process of finding a job with the help of Exodus House staff and Workforce Development or SEEK. When you begin being working, the expectation is that you will continue to participate in recovery work - 2 groups and an individual session. You should not work more than 40 hours in a workweek. Balance in recovery is essential.
Exodus House has two sober living homes - White House in Kewaskum, WI and Harmony House in Hartford, WI. Residents of these sober living houses are expected to pay a minimal monthly rent, attend 1 of 2 offered aftercare meetings a week, or both if desired, at Exodus House, maintain a recovery sponsor, and help with general house chores.
  • Referrals for admission come from families, psychiatric hospitals, detox programs, community agencies or other concerned individuals. We accept many clients who self-refer.
  • The process begins with a telephone conversation where we can explain our program, costs and payment options, and what we expect from the potential client. Our staff takes in details about presenting issues before initiating the admission process. Ask all the questions you want. You probably have plenty. We'll happily stay on the phone with you and answer every one of them.
  • The treatment team reviews all clinical information submitted by referral families and/or referral resources. If the resident is appropriate for admission and has funding approval, arrangements will be made to schedule a screening interview.
  • A treatment consultant will work with you over the phone to complete the pre-admission assessment, a 15-minute clinical interview of your addiction history and behavioral issues. During this conversation we are also making determination if you are ready to make changes in your life that sobriety and recovery require. Based on this information obtained, a decision is made whether to proceed.
  • If treatment is not recommended, the applicant is given referral options and resources to assist in locating other levels of care.
  • Once the Clinical Assessment has been completed, we will schedule a date for your admission.
  • Because Exodus house is not an acute care facility, potential clients who have recently abused substances may need to undergo detox before beginning treatment.
A 12 Step Philosophy that is complemented with Evidence Based Practices.
We do allow naltrexone, camprol, and vivitrol.
Relapse is handled on an individual basis. A resident will be discharged immediately if drugs or alcohol are brought into the house.
  • Personal hygiene needs and towel(s)/washcloth(s)
  • Favorite snacks and non-alcoholic drinks (soda, Gatorade, etc.) No Energy Drinks
  • Cigarettes for 2 weeks or more
  • Medications with doctor prescription orders
  • Money that will be kept in a locked box in the main office
You may bring your car if you have a driver's license and the car is registered and insured. Car keys are kept locked up in the main office when not in use. You will be able to begin using your car at stage 2 of treatment, or around 30 days.
Visitation will begin at the second weekend in treatment. Visiting hours are Saturday noon-5PM, Sunday 8-5PM and a visitor pass must be filled out the Wednesday prior. With permission, sponsors and other mentors are able to meet during weekdays between 3:00PM and 4:45PM