"The biggest thing I learned was to have fun clean and sober. When I got to rehab I was convinced my life was over. I couldn't have been more wrong."

Tom M. - former Exodus House resident, business owner and President of Exodus House Board of Directors

"Exodus House saved my life. It's really that simple. If it were not for the caring and knowledgeable staff that offered a helping hand combined with a tough love approach I would not be here today. Exodus House's unique location allowed me the opportunity to break from my past life 30 years ago, and I've been clean and sober ever since. I did the work to make that happen, but Exodus House taught me how."

Greg Lewis - former Exodus House resident April-July 1980

"I had lost all hope to recover from my addiction. Nobody understood me or my problems with drugs and alcohol. I was either going to die or find a new way to live. The Exodus House was that new path towards a happy and healthy life. The counselors at The Exodus House taught me how to live my live free from addiction. My hope was slowly restored. All the staff and residents knew how I felt and I didn't have to do it alone any more. I have true happiness and I can't wait to meet life's new challenges. The Exodus House and counselors have helped me achieve a new life and attitude. People truly care about my recovery at The Exodus House and that's what I loved the most. That is why The Exodus House Works!"

Shane Masters